update!! so sorry, you guys. i still promise this blog isn’t dead, but currently i have six weeks to put together a portfolio for my school’s portfolio day in october. i’m gonna try and squeeze in a post between that if i’m able. to say i wasn’t prepared for school taking up so much of my time is an understatement! @__@

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Please don't abandon this blog! This is one of the best blogs I have ever seen, and you really shouldn't abandon it! You are sooooo good at drawing, and I feel that you have captured the lutece twins personalities perfectly! :) Love your work!


i promise it’s not abandoned! :) my wrist was, unfortunately, broken during most of an already busy summer and i’ve just started school again, so my schedule is still WAY busy.

but this weekend’s labor day, meaning i don’t have class until really late in the week. i promise to get something up, i have a dozen or so WIPs anyways. ^^

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well, i think it’s safe to say my wrist is all better! maybe not 100% nor what it used to be, but better enough that i can start posting again! i got several ideas i’ll be starting with over this next week but if anyone has any simple requests or something that’d be really cool to get me warmed up.

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ooc// i think about this 75% more than i’ll ever admit.

you know there are like a million posts about how everyone’s favorite character either dies or is dead? well my reaction to all of them is “haha suck it.”

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literally all of bioshock infinite defined by a single image in six syllables or less

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Uh Uh Uh! Let's have some horrible scenario questions for you (the mod)! ◎u◎ Now imagine that you'd have a machine that could 'suck the scattered pieces of the Luteces together again' and reinstantiate them into your reality, though in that process they'd loose their power and both of them would know about you having done this. Now would you do it anyway just to meet them, and how do you think would they react? @u@


oh my god when i first read this i was like holy shit hell yes let’s do this YES. but then i thought about it a bit more and i don’t think i would? like it’d be cool as heck to meet them, but i don’t think 2014 is an era they’d be comfortable residing.

and i feel like it’d be pretty totally selfish of me to substantiate them somewhere they didn’t choose to be just for my own benefit (yes i’d make bff bracelets). & of course they could find me absolutely insufferable once meeting me, through a combination of my own p immature personality and having forced them into this situation. like imagine the stink eye they’d probably give me.

- Not presently, no matter how much my brother believes we have.

I believe that in an alternate universe, the Luteces find your blog and they are very amused and pleased with it. (They may come test you as Anon. You'll never know.)



When I first found your blog I thought it might be some kind of fake parody because you didn't have many followers. I was all too happy when I found that wasn't the case. Truly, honestly, you run the best Infinite blog. How you manage to create such beautiful drawings, and then on top of that absolutely nail the Lutece dialogue is beyond me. Can't believe this hasn't gone viral to Infinite fans. Keep up the smashing work! PS add a donation option to your page. You deserve some thanks.

ahh, thank you! ; u; i’m really not someone who’s… prone?? a viable recipient? of going viral. when/if that day ever comes, though, it’d be awesome! until then, though, i’m okay with being a, um… fandom secret. (let’s just call it that)

thank you again! ; u ; the donate button is a tempting idea, if only because i’m poor and greedy and those two things breed ravenous and desperation; might as well just call me fink.

OHhhHH WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! i was told to “expect the worst” but today i got some proper confirmation, i do not in fact have carpal tunnel!!! i caught the symptoms early enough i’ll just have to take some pain meds and keep my wrist in a brace until next monday!!!!

i’m so happy, new posts will continue steadily starting sometime next week!!!! ; U ;

Not that anon, but I'm so sorry! I really hope things get better for you, and soon. :)

aww, thank you! :) but really i’m fine(or will be, eventually…), after my freaking toe it became ridiculously comical to the point where i’m just like “well at least i didn’t die this week now *that* would’ve been inconvenient.”

YOU, You have a bright future ahead! This blog is the BEST thing regarding the Twins since their appearance in the game itself! I absolutely love this, their dialogue is spot on and your drawing skills are impressive, I just... I just fall in love with all of it, and I mean it. Congratulations for such a great page! Greetings from Mexico! :D


oh my god  。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。  this past week i’ve had a comically horrible week by getting the flu, spraining my wrist, and breaking my toe, but if i had to do it all again and have it end with message i’d gladly do so again, thank you so much!

ooc// this actually freaking happened i don’t know how to react

4/19/1874 - Happy 140th Birthday to Booker DeWitt!! ヽ( - ▽-)ノ*:・゚✧