4/19/1874 - Happy 140th Birthday to Booker DeWitt!! ヽ( - ▽-)ノ*:・゚✧

yikes, well, this past week i’ve gotten sick *and* sprained my wrist. i’ve been using mobile to respond to fanmail and recently discovered it didn’t actually send a damn thing, so if you’ve sent me a fanmail in the past week and i haven’t replied to it, please let me know. ಥ__ಥ

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I just found your blog and it's literally amazing?? Like holy crap???

ahhh, thank you!!! i always, always wait so long to reply to these messages because they make me so happy i just love looking at them. so in the event i actually never respond to them please know it’s because i just love having them in my inbox so i can reread them, they just make me so happy. ヽ( T ▽T)ノ*:・゚✧

- The theory of quantum super-position is also why no more than one pair of ourselves is ever seen in a single space.

- The same cannot be said for DeWitt, for… many reasons.

Okay, I remember coming across this blog like OMG, this is the best blog EVER! I check almost everyday for something new. This isn't an ask but I want to say I'd love to have Cohen also answering asks to but, I love your art and I think you put the story for the comics well, you don't need to have an entire fanfiction. :) But you can make changes if you want to, I'll love your blog just the same!


ahh, thank you!! /w\ but, lol, dear anon don’t worry yourself!

cohen isn’t quite good with direction that is not is own, and certainly has a personality a complete 180 from that of the luteces, i don’t think either of them have the capacity to withstand his eccentricities.

robert’s just so goddamn hard to draw tho

the fanfiction thing— i’m actually really excited for!! the quality of my writing and the speed of which i can output content is so much better and faster than drawing, and technically the fanfic idea came before the ask. i’m just lucky the ask was there so it can be of more relevance to the blog! (and so i can add art to it.)

i’m sorry for so many text posts lately but this is the last one; i just want to gauge maybe possible interest if an ask was answered with a fanfic?

it’d have like a three panel companion image to it to start off, but i feel like this’d overall be better told in superfluous intricate description than through my far less vibrant draws.

It's 3:23 a.m. here and I have work in the morning, but I found your blog and. well... I stayed, going page to page. I have at least 30 tabs open that I'll like/reblog later (be prepared for mass notes). I love your drawings and comics/shorts of the Luteces and how you stay so perfectly in character when explaining things to the Asks. I even hear their voices. I truly admire your blog, I'm having so much giggly feels right now. You sure made my night AND morning. Keep up with the great work! <3

i always wait like two days to answer these messages because they make me so happy— though i have yet been able to form an appropriate response conveying the true measure or appreciation and happiness i’m given by them— sO ahhhh thank you ; U ;

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HEY everyone, i just thought you guys should know of a BIG change i’m going to be initiating on the blog here— starting today!

you see, out of the lutece twins i find robert just the hardest to draw. i just can never seem to get him quite right and it’s been quite an aggravation of mine for a while.

so from now on the second lutece twin will instead be my old favorite, sander cohen!! yup. no more difficult-to-draw robert, the twins are now rosalind and sander!

ah yes they’re quite the pair, aren’t they? they are simply the perfect match if you ask me. absolutely canon.

i’m starting the process for this Lutece comic in relation to a certain scene in Episode 2, it’s a long one but it’ll be in a single post.

if i trusted livestream programs appropriately i’d stream some process of it, but since that’s not a viable option right now i hope you guys will just bide some patience while i work on it!! 

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BAS EP 2 SPOILERS [Spoilers] [SPOILERS] [Lutece-related]


Ah, since you’ve completed it, I can finally send you this (one of the two only Lutece scenes in the DLC) - as a … silly addition to the blog … I mean you’ve posted the Audiodiaries too … @-@

The only thing that bummed me out a bit, were that the twins again only had so little screen time … I was hoping for more, … but at least this one particular scene with them blew my mind.

Also you didn’t happen to come across this audiodiary too? And if so, do you have some thoughts on it? (Especially on the line “for the possibility of creating new [life]”)

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It has come full circle. Simply beautiful. 😢😢😢😢😢

i’ll admit i was really really worried i wouldn’t like the ending, and honestly just kind of sad as heck that this’d be the indefinite end of the bioshock series, but getting this message made me finish the last couple hours i had left on it!!!

and i really liked it!! i mean there was a lot of screaming and hyperventilating at certain turns of events which is my normal reaction to all things bioshock.

i think the only thing i feel i was disappointed with was— now i got this perfect wording from a review because it pinpointed exactly what i felt was missing— burial at sea episode 2 seemed to be more concerned with the beginning of bioshock one, than ending bioshock infinite.

but overall it’s bioshock, and i love bioshock, and i can’t ever get enough of rapture (or columbia).

most likely common knowledge in the fandom by now, but Lutece is the french word for Lutetia, the ancient Roman city which is now Paris, and as we all know Paris is a pretty big theme in Infinite so French revolution-era Luteces. 

i thought oh y’know i’ll take a break from bioshock/lutece stuff since i got some free time and then fucking robert turns up on dexter

i’ll never escape, will i

- Those who were able to perceive us, it was limited to the shallowest physical manifestation.

- There was nothing that could be done to pull the cotton from their ears or wool from their eyes.